Bubbly Brioche


Who doesn’t like a glass of Bubbly now and then? Well here’s a bit of Bubbly Brioche fun!
This project started out as swatch that kept growing – yes indeed! It’s about celebrating all those little things in life that count. For me learning to work Brioche increases and decreases was such a joy that this shawl was meant to be shared, and nobody drinks Bubbly by themselves, so let’s knit Bubbly together on my first ever Knit A-Long (KAL). Now that alone is a celebration in itself!

Bubbly Brioche is a symmetrical elliptically-shaped shawl knit from tip to tip. It is packed full with two colour brioche knitting and a ton of video tutorials to help you through. Watch those brioche bubbles grow and flow out of those champagne glasses in your knitting!
Bubbly Brioche is knit using the absolutely fabulous Primo Fingering from Plucky Knitter



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