Budding Brioche Blooms


Fancy a super light-weight, elegant shawl for those cool Spring nights ahead? Dress up or down with the **Budding Brioche Blooms** shawl. It is the sister to [Budding Brioche][2], its one colour brioche shawl relative!

This fun top-down triangular shaped shawl introduces a pop of contrast colour. The squishy garter is interspersed with strips of two colour brioche panels and ends with a deep flowering brioche scalloped edge. Budding Brioche Blooms is the perfect stepping-stone in increasing your brioche skills. And there’s lots of **brioche video tutorials** to guide you through.

This shawl is knit using the stunningly light and silky Meadow, from The Fibre Co. The result is a perfect light, airy and elegant shawl, perfect for those spring and summer evenings.



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