Seafield Concho


SEAFIELD CONCHO is the result of a wonderful collaboration between myself and mYak Tibetan Fibers.

Seafield Concho is the second cowl in my Sea collection

It is a unisex textured cowl, knit in the round, using Gansey-inspired stitches from the Seafield sweater.

This funnel-shaped cowl gives you extra warmth around the neck and shoulders, with its narrower top half keeping you snug as a bug!

It’s a 2-in-1 design.

Knit either the short cowl or continue knitting to produce a longer cowl/ short poncho – a “concho” – for wearing both over and under outerwear.

This top-down design is knit using one of two very special yarns from mYak. Choose either the baby yak medium which is 100% Tibetan baby yak, or their Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Medium which is 100% Tibetan cashmere.




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