Fissure is a fun hat inspired by fractured ice shards, tectonic plates that have been ripped apart or any other geological fracture that occurs. I‘ve walked through such a rift in Iceland, Thingvellir, where the American and the Eurasian plates meet! It’s truly mesmerizing, supernatural almost. It’s also where a lot of Game of Thrones was filmed 😉 So I’ve created a fun hat that is simple enough in design, but one that you need to keep your head on, or your might just all into that Fissure!

This twisted rib hat comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. It is knit in the round using a beautiful limited edition Kokon, which has now become the Kokon Bleu range. It’s an aran weight yarn with fabulous speckles of indigo blue.

Fissure has a beautiful crown finish, so you can either leave this bare to show off, or pop that Pom on top 😉
I leave it up to you. ☺ Enjoy!