Reversible two tone Fisherman’s rib cowl/loop scarf/snood.

I was researching my mothers’ ancient Galway name of Lynskey, and found that it was derived from the Gaelic word Loingseach, meaning Mariner, pronounced ling-shock. The fact that I happen to love rib patterns, and Fisherman’s Rib in particular, meant I had to make this loop scarf/cowl/snood to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

It is knit in a gorgeous Donegal Aran Tweed yarn. The design is knit with two colours in the round, but gives you fabulous vertical stripes, completely reversible. The result is a brioche fabric look, but with half the work. It can be worn as a scarf looped over the neck; doubled up on itself to ensure you’ll never be cold; or doubled up and worn over your head as a snood. Wear it in any way to create a dramatic statement.

Enjoy this FREE pattern 🙂

2023 Update: Now includes new video tutorial for Fisherman’s Rib, in two colour, in the round.