Peekamoose Hat


Peekamoose is named after the Mountain and many Ski runs in the Catskills, New York. This area of NY has dense beautiful forestry and the wild life to match. I’ve often stumbled across deer between the lines of trees whilst hiking there in the summer months. This hat tries to recreate these deer and their antlers peeking out amongst the forest trees ☺

This twisted rib beanie comes in two sizes: Small and Medium – Large. It is knit in the round using Rowan, Kid Classic yarn. A simple cable is introduced to echo the friendly deer head and antlers ☺ A smaller than recommended needle size is used, giving the hat a crisp dense fabric and heaps of warmth. The crown shaping is formed using a variation on the simple ssk decrease.

Bonus! Only one ball of yarn is required and it’s completely reversible! The reverse side has a beautifully formed snowflake star, at the top of the crown. Which side will you wear? Have fun!


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