Riptide 1-3-5

2 designs | 3 sizes | 2 languages

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Riptide 1-3-5 is available in English and German

The story: Whilst kicking off a tennis match this summer, I tore two calf muscles leaving me on crutches for almost four weeks. Thank goodness I could knit! I’d seen so many scans and diagrams and these strips of broken and unbroken knitting were to me, the rips in my muscles. I was going to call it “Let Rip” but the colour of this gorgeous yarn kept pulling me to the sea, and thus, it became Riptide. This shawl was pure therapy!

The 1-3-5 refers to the different shawl options and sizes available in this pattern. There are instructions for 1, 3, or 5 skeins of yarn.

Riptide 1 produces a narrow neck scarf using 1 skein of yarn.

Riptide 3 produces a medium sized shawl using 3 skeins of yarn.

Riptide 5 produces a large sized shawl using 5 skeins of yarn.

Please see schematics and sizes photo.


The samples are knit using the luxurious Crave Caravan DK yarn by Yarn Culture. Check out the fabulous Yarn HERE!



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