Wispy Haze


Picture this: a rolling meadow, long wild grasses, hot hazy summer afternoon air, birds singing, bees buzzing and the pop of a bottle of bubbly at a picnic under a giant oak tree. This shawl evokes all these feelings of a calm, tranquil summer moment!

Wispy Haze is a summer’s evening top down crescent shaped shawl. It’s romantic, light and airy fabric exudes femininity. Use it as an evening dress stole or wrap it around you under that oak tree when a gentle breeze stirs the air. Knit on large needles, it introduces you to short row wispy bursts interspersed between rows of super relaxing garter in fingering and mohair yarns. I’m already casting on my second!

Wispy Haze uses just one 100g skein of Emma’s Yarn Super Silky and 25g of Marvelous Mohair. Checkout the fabulous kits in Emma’s Yarn HERE!



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