Boann, pronounced “bowan”, was the Irish Celtic Goddess of Inspiration and Creativity. It is said that she created the River Boyne in Ireland and it’s meandering curves to the Irish Sea.

Boann is an asymmetrical shawl knit from a garter tip and finishing with a two colour brioche edging. It’s packed with lots of fabulous garter striping and colour blocking. It introduces you to one colour brioche and then two colour brioche, and finally two colour brioche using various brioche increases and decreases. It’s packed with a ton of video tutorials to help you through.

Boann is knit using Nua, Carol Feller’s totally scrumptious yarn. It is definitely something you’ll want to snuggle up with. This shawl knits up a super lightweight fabric, yet the Yak content gives it so much warmth, you’ll never want to take it off.



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